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Get practical information on door locks and keys from the answers to frequently asked questions

There are easier ways around a problem, especially if it has been solved previously. If you’re having trouble with your installation or replacement of door knobs and locks, visit our FAQ page and see how our locksmiths solved similar problems.

  • How do sash window locks work?

    These locks use frame-to-frame bolts. These bolts work to secure both the inner and outer frame. As a result, the window is very difficult to open even if force is applied. Longer and thicker bolts will naturally give you a higher level of security. You just have to ensure that they are safe to use on your windows.

  • Do I have to order keys in advance or do you make them after you’ve visited?

    We have the capability to cut and create all types of new key using mobile machinery. So you don't have to worry about letting us know which designs you need before your booking. We can assess the design you need on arrival and provide new keys right away.

  • Why locks get misaligned?

    Locks are aligned when the mechanism is in good condition and the bolt is coming out all the way. It's also necessary that the strike plate at the doorjamb is aligned and tightened. They get misaligned with overuse, when the screws loosen up or due to lock mechanism problems.

  • Why is the transponder key not working?

    Check for visible signs of damage such as scratching, denting, chipping, and bending of the blade. You should inspect the chip casing for cracks and other types of damage too. If there is no visible damage, the issue may be with the chip. In any case, the key must be repaired or replaced timely.

  • How do I pick exterior lock finish?

    The experts of Locksmith Grays explain that this is a matter of personal preferences and budget. Currently, the most popular options include brass, silver, and gold. All of these finishes do not rust, but tarnish due to the process of oxidization. The tarnish can be cleaned, however. Some people actually like the naturally formed patina.

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