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Lock Repair, Replacement or Rekeying?

05/06/2015 Back To Blog

There is an appointed time for everything! There is a time for lock repair, rekeying, and for replacing the existing locks. All such actions are significant but they must have a good reason. You don't choose at random. The problem will show you the way to making the right decision, choices, and ensuring one has taken the proper measure as far as security is concerned. People often get confused as to which steps they must follow and have a hard time understanding what must be done. There is no need for individuals to spend more for new locks if their current problem can be solved by rekeying the lock. So, let's see the value of repairs, rekeying, and lock replacement.Lock Repair, Replacement or Rekeying?

Learn when to rekey, repair, and replace locks

Perhaps it is clear that repair is needed when there is something wrong with the mechanism. It could also be something wrong with the strike plate or the symptom of the problem might appear in the form of key issues. Whenever you have a difficult time fitting the key in the lock or find the door doesn't seem to be resistant, repairs are usually required. The mechanism must work well. In other words, the parts must be in solid condition, cylinder must be tightened, keyhole must be clean, and the bolt of ahome door lock must come out all the way. It's obvious that relative problems need repairs.

The replacement of locks and keys is necessary when the problem is not fixable. When the mechanism is broken, it's better to have it replaced. Both door and window locks should be replaced when they don't operate well, cannot be repaired properly, old, and cannot offer protection. Keys are replaced for the same reason. When they are bent, rusted, and damaged to the point they might break or don't fit well in the keyhole, it's best to obtain duplicates. Though, if the keys are lost and stolen, one must change them so no one will break into the home with the help of their own keys.

When changing the keys, you must also change part of the lock. The pins of the key must match the pins of the lock's tumbler. In this case, alock rekey is required. This will also be necessary if your roommate has moved out or a third party has access to your own keys.

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