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Use the highly effective yet simple tips provided below for even better locks and keys

  • Check your UPVC door and frame for misalignment regularly

    When they are misaligned, this can cause problems with the operation of your lock. More specifically, the bolt may get stuck inside the opening of the strike receiver and you may be unable to open the door at all. To avoid this kind of problem, get your misaligned door fixed right away. Usually, tightening the hinges will solve the problem. Check the lock for damage too and have it repaired, if needed.

  • Can you repair or replace my remote?

    Yes. We carry numerous models of remotes and in some cases repair broken ones. We will, of course, program it to work with your car.

  • When you notice signs of rust on your locks, do not ignore them

    Rust can easily affect the quality of your locks. Even though there is only a small amount of rust, do not take it for granted. Having rust means that burglars or thieves can easily break the lock and enter your house. Nobody wants that. Our specialists suggest having a lock change right away in order to prevent this from happening.

  • Properly Opening Your Safe

    Forcing the safe to be opened can cause damage to it. The specialists in Grays recommend slowly spinning the dial so it opens properly. There’s a possibility that you could get the code wrong if you spin too fast and forcefully opening it could create some problems.

  • Use only the mildest solvent for locks and keys

    In general, you should try to remove substances like glue and thick grease with a safer material first. If this does not work, you can apply a little bit of mild solvent. The use of white spirits is a fine option. Test the solvent first by applying a tiny drop on a clean surface.

  • Change the lock immediately in case of a lost key

    If the key is nowhere to be found, the lock must be rekeyed or replaced. The technicians of Locksmith Grays explain that this measure is mandatory for keeping security high. The choice between rekeying and replacement depends on the design, condition and level of security which the existing device provides.

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