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UPVC Door Locks

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Lock Replacement

While burglar alarms and CCTV cameras help to deter thieves, the locks are the main barriers to their entry. If something goes wrong with just one of your UPVC door locks, you need to act immediately. Difficulties with inserting and turning the key suggest worn or damaged cylinder. The best fix is replacing it. If you cannot lock or unlock the door even though the key is turning properly, this shows that the locking mechanism may be broken. If the check and testing confirm this, the mechanism should be changed. Why is it necessary to replace the entire lockset? If both the cylinder and the locking mechanism are worn or broken, a new lockset will be required. This is also necessary when both components are outdated and no longer offer the desired level of security. UPVC Door Locks

Align UPVC Door

The first step involves discovering why the door got misaligned in the first place. The most common cause of this problem is worn, damaged or detached weather seal. The best fix is changing the seal. The new one has to match the door’s size and design. Secure fitting is essential. The door could be misaligned because of a faulty hinge. A check will show whether it is simply loose, damaged or broken. The solution will be tightening, repair, or replacement respectively. When the cause of the problem is eliminated, adjusting the door shouldn’t be hard. The door must fit inside the frame perfectly. The lock’s bolt should go in and out of the strike receiver smoothly during locking and unlocking.

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